Authentic Wood Floors

Authentic Wood Floors has been producing quality wood products since 1987. James Yelton, president of the company, was for many years in the restoration business. His job was to restore fine old buildings back to their original look.

After searching and being unable to find good material, he began taking down old barns and houses, retrieving a product that would do justice to the integrity of the buildings on which he was working. Because of the quality of the product he was now using, other restoration professionals began searching him out to supply material for their projects.

By January of 1991, James left restoration work totally to devote his attention to obtaining quality restoration products. Even though he produced a very good product, he was forced to rely on local mill companies (and their time schedules) to mill his flooring. This is a hands-on business. Because James could not be there all the time while his product was being milled, he did not feel comfortable with quality control, or another mill’s time schedule.

Because of his restoration experience, James was able to understand the needs of his customers better than someone who merely mills flooring.

So in 1994 James opened his own mill.

The lack of quality products in the marketplace spurred his desire to form a company that could secure and produce materials suitable for quality restorations. James personally follows all materials brought into the company, from start to finish, from the moment it enters his door, to when it reaches yours.

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