Flooring, Brown Boarding & Siding


At Authentic Wood Floors we specialize in flooring and paneling. We offer a wide variety of species – oak, chestnut, white and yellow pine – either re-sawn from barn beams, or distressed (original boarding). We manufacture up to 20 foot in length, with most product being 7 foot and longer. All finishes (from a milled-smooth to an original finish-texture) are available. Fine, rough or distressed, we have it all.

We offer a variety of paneling. Shown here are two panels, each 15 inches wide.


Re-sawed chestnut wood paneling gracefully accents this kitchen. Note the oak beams.


This weathered, but strong barn siding has many uses, both decorative and functional. We can flip the siding over and manufacture a walk-smooth original boarding look.


Distressed chestnut wainscotting beautifully compliments real wood floor.


Our showroom features a hard pine floor and wainscotting. It also incorporates some of the furniture our craftsmen make by hand.