Reclaiming Fine Woods

At Authentic Wood Floors, we’re always looking for barns and old houses we can use to reclaim fine woods.


Our crews select the choisest pieces of siding, flooring and beams, remove it from the old frames, and carefully ship it back to our workshop, where we restore it to its former glory.

Most old-growth timber has long since been harvested. If the general public could only realize that we have lost our natural resource of quality wood.

Three hundred years ago a tree grew so slowly that it was hard to count the growth rings. Today a growth ring could be as much as a quarter inch versus 1/32″, because millions of people and factories produce carbon monoxide, which spurs tree growth. In the past, we had less man-made chemicals in the soil and less carbon monoxide in the air, thus trees grew very slowly, and the wood was stronger.

For example, pine barn siding which we remove and mill into flooring lasted 80 to 100 years on a barn. Today’s new pine lasts a tenth of that time.

A piece of hundred-year-old wood has a patina unmatched by anything that can be manufactured today.

New wood can’t compare to the hidden beauty we coax out of every piece of old beam and flooring. It’s a difference you can see and feel.

You can’t add a hundred years to a piece of new wood.