Restoring Fine Woods

The Process

When we get wood back to our workshop, the material is separated. Old wood going to the saw to be
milled into blanks for paneling and flooring, and then will be carefully sorted.

Complete frames and choice beams are tagged, and set aside. Reclaimed beams and other material will be transformed into re-sawed flooring and paneling.






We only use sleeper logs and joist stock for our flooring and paneling, to ensure a better quality product. Our craftsman are very meticulous when preparing products and sawing them. Below our craftsman brushes the side of the board.

brushingwood   sawingplank





After being sawed, the wood is kiln-dried, planed, back-relieved, and end-trimmed up to 11.”

kiln        stacksofwoodcuring

Here is a before and after photo. beambeforeandafter







It is then wrapped in weather protection and shipped to our customers with care.